Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Makeup for Today's CNY Woman Magazine Cover -March Emily at Lune Chocolat

Emily at Lune Chocolat
I have several loves outside of my family and my work. A couple being shopping and sweets. So when Lune Chocolat opened in Manlius (just around the corner from my Jamesville location) I had to check it out. I wasn't disappointed. All of their pieces are hand made!
On occasion if I had several clients coming in one day, I'd stop in to pick up some treats for them. And maybe a few for me too.** my favorites are the Lavender+Honey, The Peanut Butter Poodle (you have to see it to appreciate it) and the Chai Buddha.

I was excited to do this shoot because it was with a business I already support. I also had some new products I wanted to work with from Whip Hand Cosmetiques.
The brand Whip Hand Cosmetiques is a newer line. Much like the chocolate, it is also hand made!In Detroit!Created by pro makeup artist, Riese Lauriat.
It's been getting some chatter in the pro makeup artist forums and I had to see for myself what all of the fuss was about.
I like buying products that have meaning to me as well as do their job. May sound weird. But if I can buy something that is going to create jobs in the US from a place with outstanding customer service, count me in.
It was love at first application!
So much so, that I need to devote a whole post, just to the Whip Hand products I used. Emily loved the look and how great her skin felt. And I loved supporting small businesses. 
how cool is the shipping packaging? felt like a present
Makeup Artist- Holly Piselli for A-List Artistry
Magazine Photographer- Kim Cook @ Big Paw Photography

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