Sunday, July 27, 2014

Makeup for 2014 political commercial shoot in Syracuse NY

When it is an election year, commercial makeup artists are busy with print and film work for campaigns. 
I've done several over the years. I love seeing both politicians and their constituents talk so passionately about things they believe in.

It's also great to work on these jobs because the production crews they hire a true pros. Well oiled machines that operate efficiently, have a well planned shooting schedule and have back up plans for any unforeseen issues. 

Watching the monitor lets me see what viewers will see and I can make makeup adjustments as needed.

 The featured photos are from a short shoot in Syracuse. 

Usually the shoots are 12+ hours in a day covering a number of miles to travel to different towns and businesses that support a candidate. I absolutely love seeing parts of New York State I might not see otherwise. Ice cream shops, steel mills, farms, and banks... any business that makes up a community gets involved. 
The constituents filmed never complain that as the makeup artist/stylist I'm spraying their hair, covering blemishes(even the men) or adjusting their clothes. They are so passionate about helping. 
It makes for a really rewarding day.

Syracuse Commercial Makeup Artist -Behind the Scenes in Ithaca NY

When people find out I'm a makeup artist, they instantly think of beauty and glamour. While bridal makeup in Syracuse NY and the surrounding areas of Upstate NY is a huge part of my job another part of  my job is commercial work.
A commercial makeup artist makes "talent", the people featured in video and print ads, look like polished versions of themselves. Nothing fancy.

Here's some behind the scenes from a commercial shoot in Ithaca NY for a Senior living community. The talent consisted of residents at the property.

1st location of the morning.

Our talent had rescued her dog companion a couple  months prior to the shoot. She'd never been outside on grass before she was rescued!

My job ensures all talent is camera ready. She got a good brushing before her call time.

Farmer Andy. He's a retired farmer but heads the garden project on  the property.
crew working hard in the sun to make sure Andy looks good on camera
Dancing in the gazebo. The woman is 83 yrs old and competes internationally dancing! I  loved when she said she competes in much higher heels than these!