Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Today's CNY Woman September 2012 issue cover makeup

Sara Wallace, Lauren Staniec, & Melissa Perry
Makeup Artist- Holly Piselli for A-List Artistry
Makeup Assistant- Dianna Cassinella
Photographer- Kim Cook
Sara Wallace, Melissa Perry, & Lauren Staniec
 Not many women need a reason to go to the mall. So it's even better  when the magazine emails me the next shoot will be at the ever expanding DESTINY mall. Having 3 cover ladies was a first with us. Time is always precious to the busy business woman that are featured each month, so this time I brought along my assistant Dianna to streamline the process.
These ladies are BUSY! One even did an interview with a newspaper by phone while I did her makeup. I admired their stamina, that is for sure. And they all were lovely.

Since shooting this cover, Melissa has become a regular client with A-List Artistry. She books me to do her makeup for major business presentations and large scale events. I am so touched she chooses me each time to give her that extra confidence. Knowing that her makeup looks professional and will stay flawless all day leaves her free to focus on what's important that day; her business.


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