Sunday, December 29, 2013

A-List Artistry Chosen Makeup Artistry Team for 2013 WISE Symposium Speakers

 I love the Wise Symposium ( I attended my first one in 2011. The keynote speaker was Bobbi Brown. Yes... THAT Bobbi Brown. So being a makeup artist I was really excited to attend. Jessica Puccia was just joining the team and went with me. It was such an inspiration for us both. I left with tons of notes and a fire to build the makeup artist business I had started to be even bigger and better.

2012 I went again. Solo this time. Jessica was enjoying a well deserved vacation. This year the keynote speaker was Barbara Corcoran. Yup... Shark Tank. Her story totally blew me away! Again, I left with that fire and some new ideas.

2013 arrives. My mind is working on goals for the year. Of course going to WISE was on my list. Only this year I wanted to help behind the scenes and offer makeup for the speakers. Lindsay from WISE loved the idea and a partnership was formed. Christina Cianciosi was now part of the team and she came along as well.

Just as we arrived and were setting up in the VIP room I received a call my father-in-law was being taken to the emergency room. My husband reassured me to stay and do the makeup. He'd contact me if I needed to get to the hospital.

I was really pleased with the number of speakers that scheduled to have their makeup done! And they all were so fun to talk to. The speaker that captivated me and had me busting out laughing was Cheryl Wood. She is down-to-earth with a lot of sass. My kinda gal. We had enough time to run to hear her speak before returning to do makeup for the next scheduled speaker. She didn't disappoint!! I follow her now on social

Holly from A-List Artistry with Cheryl Wood

My final makeup was for keynote speaker, Robin Chase. She is so interesting. And it was cool to hear her daughter is a model! I wish I could have stayed to hear her speak, but I needed to get to my family and find out what was happening with my father-in-law. * drs finally have found the cause of his condition and he is doing well.

Holly from A-List Artistry with Robin Chase
We loved WISE 2013 and can't wait for next year's symposium! You can check out the gallery from this year's event and see better pictures than the ones taken with my phone. Photographer friend Caitlyn Bom was shooting the event.

We've already been named the official makeup artist team for the 2014 WISE Symposium. What inspiring women will we meet this year? Stay tuned for the announcement!