Monday, March 26, 2018

Time for a new headshot Syracuse? Profile Portrait Special with Alice G Patterson Photography and A-List Artistry

 4th annual Profile Portrait Special!
Many women I know are small business owners in the Syracuse area. When budgeting for their business expenses and advertising, one of the last things they think of are headshots or Profile Portraits. But honestly, the image they use for themselves in business is an extension of their brand. I'm seeing a lot of selfies used as headshots for business profiles(linkedIn, FB, IG and Twitter). Let's be honest, a professionally done photo would elevate that profile. 

Once a year Alice G Patterson Photography and A-List Artistry team up to offer a Profile Portait Session at a promotional price. You receive a makeup look to have you camera ready for your mini photo session with Alice. Dates are April 5th-8th. This year brings an extra day and a new variety of hours to accomodate busy schedules. 
Each client is sent a PDF of info and tips to make the most of their mini session. Tips on wardrobe, props and other details help clients put thought into their overall look for their brand.
Booking can be done directly through the following link:
Scroll through to see some of our previous clients!

 And feel free to share if you know someone in the Syracuse area that's been thinking about
 having professional photos done for themselves. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

WISE Symposium: Makeup Artistry, inspiration, and networking

For the past 3 years, A-List Artistry has been the official makeup artistry team for the annual WISE Symposium. The guest speakers are invited to sit in the chair with one of our makeup artists prior to their speaking engagement.We've had the pleasure of working with some inspirational ladies ( & they're fun too!) This year was no exception.
It's one of the best conferences for women in business in the Northeast! Check out the WISE Women's Business Center for the next one.
My assistant, Gigi,helping set up the night before WISE 
This year the event was held at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. And to be honest, I was a bit worried setting up on the turf of the huge sports complex would be an awkward setting for over a 1,000 women to be inspired. But when I saw the set up the night before, I immediately changed my mind!  
I think the setting actually made women more relaxed. 

Attendees were encouraged to wear comfortable walking shoes and I think it gave more of a Casual Friday feel to the event. 

Part of my makeup artist kit, getting packed up to do makeup for some of the speakers at WISE

More makeup and of course, false lashes! 
We pack a full arrange of makeup for our clients, to ensure we can meet their needs. This year we were joined by Ashley Hansen, who provided hair styling services for the speakers.

Ashley Hansen, Sandra Gault and Jessica Puccia.

Jessica had Sandra Gault in her chair. Sandra founded True Gault, an amazing custom made shoe company. Jessica was thrilled to try out the process of having shoes created just for her. 
Jessica just finished having her measurements taken for her custom shoes from #True Gault

Jessica ordered her True Gault shoes and has received them hand delivered to her door. She has worn them working (which entails at least 4-5 hours of standing straight) and said it is like wearing pillows on your feet! Absolute heaven!
I saw an article about JoJo Rings in the Post Standard, so when I saw their display, I had to try one on!
OK, I couldn't resist. I had to buy one! 
Trish Gallen from Method 360 Fitness inspiring women for fitness and self care.
Put it on the calender! If you haven't checked out Sky Armory, it's a must see!
Girl power! Myself, Annie Taylor from Annie Taylor Designs and Cady Huebner

My favorite part of the whole day is meeting up with other women in business for themselves. Being a freelancer or sole proprietor has it's own challenges of not having coworkers to run things by. Or even just to have coffee with. Networking with these ladies is the best! Annie has taken her business to awesome places since we saw each other at WISE. Check out all she has to offer!

So until next year.....

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Makeup artist for Swan Lake Ad Campaign with the Syracuse City Ballet

The Syracuse City Ballet asked me to be the makeup artist for their Swan Lake ad campaign. I was thrilled to accept! I love getting to do creative work as well as traditional beauty work! 

After getting some inspiration photos from their team I got to work testing out looks and sketching out what products I would use,

I wore my Alex and Ani bracelett that day, Swans are special to my family. We've taken my daughter Gigi, now 8 years old, to the Manlius Swan Pond since she was an baby. It's a tradition she loves.

The look included products from MAC Cosmetics, Face Atelier,  MakeUpForEver, and Whip Hand Cosmetics

It's always a pleasure working with Alice from Alice G. Patterson Photography! She has such a  wonderful eye!

I love seeing peoples face when they I tell them that both the White Swan and the Black Swan are the same model! This shows the power makeup has in creating a character. 

Makeup: Holly Piselli for A-List Artistry

Photography: Alice G Patterson Photography

Artistic director: Kathleen Rathbun

Shoot coordinator: Stephanie Dattellas

Model: Rachael Ciemiakoski

Monday, September 15, 2014

Makeup artist for Carly Rose Sonenclar at Jim And Juli Boehiem Foundation Ball Turning Stone Casino

So much fun being the makeup artist for Carly Rose Sinclair at the Jim and Julie Boehiem Foundation fundraising ball at Turning Stone Casino.
A few of the key items I used:
Face Atelier foundation for her gorgeous skin. 
MAC Cosmetics eye Shadow in Bronze
ARDELL lashes in Sexies
NYX lip color from The Naturals Luscious Lip Gloss Palette

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Makeup for 2014 political commercial shoot in Syracuse NY

When it is an election year, commercial makeup artists are busy with print and film work for campaigns. 
I've done several over the years. I love seeing both politicians and their constituents talk so passionately about things they believe in.

It's also great to work on these jobs because the production crews they hire a true pros. Well oiled machines that operate efficiently, have a well planned shooting schedule and have back up plans for any unforeseen issues. 

Watching the monitor lets me see what viewers will see and I can make makeup adjustments as needed.

 The featured photos are from a short shoot in Syracuse. 

Usually the shoots are 12+ hours in a day covering a number of miles to travel to different towns and businesses that support a candidate. I absolutely love seeing parts of New York State I might not see otherwise. Ice cream shops, steel mills, farms, and banks... any business that makes up a community gets involved. 
The constituents filmed never complain that as the makeup artist/stylist I'm spraying their hair, covering blemishes(even the men) or adjusting their clothes. They are so passionate about helping. 
It makes for a really rewarding day.

Syracuse Commercial Makeup Artist -Behind the Scenes in Ithaca NY

When people find out I'm a makeup artist, they instantly think of beauty and glamour. While bridal makeup in Syracuse NY and the surrounding areas of Upstate NY is a huge part of my job another part of  my job is commercial work.
A commercial makeup artist makes "talent", the people featured in video and print ads, look like polished versions of themselves. Nothing fancy.

Here's some behind the scenes from a commercial shoot in Ithaca NY for a Senior living community. The talent consisted of residents at the property.

1st location of the morning.

Our talent had rescued her dog companion a couple  months prior to the shoot. She'd never been outside on grass before she was rescued!

My job ensures all talent is camera ready. She got a good brushing before her call time.

Farmer Andy. He's a retired farmer but heads the garden project on  the property.
crew working hard in the sun to make sure Andy looks good on camera
Dancing in the gazebo. The woman is 83 yrs old and competes internationally dancing! I  loved when she said she competes in much higher heels than these!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A-List Artistry Chosen Makeup Artistry Team for 2013 WISE Symposium Speakers

 I love the Wise Symposium ( I attended my first one in 2011. The keynote speaker was Bobbi Brown. Yes... THAT Bobbi Brown. So being a makeup artist I was really excited to attend. Jessica Puccia was just joining the team and went with me. It was such an inspiration for us both. I left with tons of notes and a fire to build the makeup artist business I had started to be even bigger and better.

2012 I went again. Solo this time. Jessica was enjoying a well deserved vacation. This year the keynote speaker was Barbara Corcoran. Yup... Shark Tank. Her story totally blew me away! Again, I left with that fire and some new ideas.

2013 arrives. My mind is working on goals for the year. Of course going to WISE was on my list. Only this year I wanted to help behind the scenes and offer makeup for the speakers. Lindsay from WISE loved the idea and a partnership was formed. Christina Cianciosi was now part of the team and she came along as well.

Just as we arrived and were setting up in the VIP room I received a call my father-in-law was being taken to the emergency room. My husband reassured me to stay and do the makeup. He'd contact me if I needed to get to the hospital.

I was really pleased with the number of speakers that scheduled to have their makeup done! And they all were so fun to talk to. The speaker that captivated me and had me busting out laughing was Cheryl Wood. She is down-to-earth with a lot of sass. My kinda gal. We had enough time to run to hear her speak before returning to do makeup for the next scheduled speaker. She didn't disappoint!! I follow her now on social

Holly from A-List Artistry with Cheryl Wood

My final makeup was for keynote speaker, Robin Chase. She is so interesting. And it was cool to hear her daughter is a model! I wish I could have stayed to hear her speak, but I needed to get to my family and find out what was happening with my father-in-law. * drs finally have found the cause of his condition and he is doing well.

Holly from A-List Artistry with Robin Chase
We loved WISE 2013 and can't wait for next year's symposium! You can check out the gallery from this year's event and see better pictures than the ones taken with my phone. Photographer friend Caitlyn Bom was shooting the event.

We've already been named the official makeup artist team for the 2014 WISE Symposium. What inspiring women will we meet this year? Stay tuned for the announcement!