Monday, July 16, 2012

Today's CNY Magazine- Makeup Artist for the Cover!!
Check out this video and see what I've been up to,
I've been lucky to work closely with Today's CNY Woman maganize. Meeting so many differnet types of women, all doing somethings inspiring. This issue may be my favorite! The model is 13 yr old Joely.
She does interviewing work with Sports Illustrated Kid. She's been in commercial and print that includes Martha Stewart, Target, and Vogue *swoon*
So you'd think she would be a spoiled girl with an attitude, but it couldn't be farther from the truth. Joely's parents arrived with her and her SUV full of clothes and props. You can see where Joely gets her polite manners and good nature.
Since she is a model, models never get asked their opinion on a shoot. So I decided, let's switch it up.Let her have a say in some of the makeup decisions. Two of my favorite things she had never experienced : Airbrush makeup and False eyelashes.WHAT?

 So I used my new Stilazzi airbrush system with my favorite TEMPTU airbrush foundation. Studio shoots get hot and this makeup doens't budge.

lashes lashes lashes

 Joely was in love with lashes the  minute the first was glued on. Her mom was writing a makeup shopping list in between taking all of these shots.

she made me laugh. a lot

Behind the scenes. The shoe chair Joely brought with her!
 Magazine photographer Kim Cook working her magic while Editor in Chief Cammi Clark looks on.
Pink Pink and more Pink!

Love her!