Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Modeling headshot for Brittany. Makeup by Holly

Modeling head shot for Brittany. Makeup Artist Holly Piselli for A-List Artistry.

Punishers Motorcycle shoot. Makeup Artist Holly Piselli

 Another fun day in the life of a makeup artist! This shoot was featuring a motorcycle owned by a member of the bike group Punishers National. Doing so much bridal makeup that is classic and natural, it's fun to do shoots that are a little more sexy in nature.
 And anytime I'm booked with model ChelsieAryn Miller and photographer Kim Cook, I know I'll spend most of my time laughing. I totally need to start doing behind the scenes photos with these guys.
Model- ChelsieAryn Miller
Makeup Artist-Holly Piselli
Hairstylist- Holly Piselli
Photographer- Kim Cook @ Big Paw Photography

Monday, February 11, 2013

Chelsie loves New York Jets shoot. Makeup Artist Christina Cianciosi for A-List Artistry

Some new studio work for model Chelsie. She is a huge Jets fan and does commentating on games through her fan site, as well as other outlets.
Makeup artist for the session was Christina Cianciosi, the newest makeup artist on the A-List Artistry team. Obviously, Christina knows her way around a makeup kit. She even did some hair styling on this shoot.
Shoot was on location at Big Paw Photography in Syracuse, NY. Photographer: Kim Cook@ Big Paw Photo.graphy

Oswego Alumni Magazine shoot- makeup artist Holly Piselli for A-List Artistry

One of my favorite calls to get is for makeup artist for magazine work(usually the cover). I find the cover "model" is always someone with an interesting background and I enjoy hearing their story.
One of the coolest cover stories was scheduled on a dreary rainy day at SUNY Oswego .Who am I kidding it was pouring, high winds and it turned my umbrella inside out on the long walk across campus to the shoot location. I arrived drenched, shivering and excited beyond belief.
I was going to be the makeup artist/stylist for Joanna Shelmidine! 
All dolled up and ready to kick some butt (not mine, thankfully) Joanna, left. Holly, right

Name unfamiliar? I'll admit, I hadn't heard of her. But after a quick google search I realized I had seen a ton of her work! Turns out Joanna is an amazing stunt woman that has been seen on episodes of some of my favorite shows including The Sopranos, Ugly Betty, and Fear Factor, among countless other television and film jobs. 
How cool! 
behind the scenes- shot with my cell phone

Joanna is in incredible shape!

We had such an amazing day on this shoot. Joanna was willing to do anything they threw at her and then some. All of that work certainly gets a stunt woman a little sweaty, but her makeup stayed just as strong as she was!

Here are a few shots photographer Robert Mascavage shared with me. 

I made one of the shots! Not sure if it made the issue or not

My favorite!
Bob has an amazing eye for color and contrast. These shots are not retouched. They are straight out of the camera! To see more of Bob's work:  www.mescavagephoto.com

If you have a minute, check out Joanna's stunt reel. Totally badass!