Friday, October 19, 2012

Makeup Artist for the Menorah House 100 year Anniversary Syracuse, NY

Commercial work can be such a great experience. You get to meet all different types of people. Both in the production team and with the clients. 
While being on duty as the makeup artist for a bridal client I received an phone message and email asking for my availability the following Tuesday for a production shoot. Like I said, these can be great for networking and new experiences. Schenectady Media would be running the show that day.
So replied yes and packed my kit for a 10 hour day of shooting. I also contracted Christina to assist me for the day to show her the ropes of production makeup.
The client was the Menorah House of Central New York. A retirement community pretty close to where I live and a place I have driven by on many occasion, but never really gave much thought to.
When I arrived I quickly saw that this was an amazing place to live in the golden years!
It's barely sunrise and only 40 degrees out but Mary Ellen is a pro out there in front of the camera.
Lipstick gets reapplied.... a lot 
and hair fixed too!

Kurt capturing the magic

the lobby. a Sr resident treated us to classical music on the grand piano while filming

The residents pick vegetables from the garden for the kitchen. Today is spinach!

Residents enjoying Happy Hour!
Coolest room on the property. A stained glass wall of windows.
Outdoor dining area that is beautiful!
 I loved working with Jim at Schenectady Media, Kurt from Level 86, Jancy Ball, Scott from TV Crew NY, Matt at Event Tek, and Gen Andrews.

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