Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rochelle Bilow in the studio!

Forgive me. I am catching up on a ton of work I have done and finally getting some of the pictures to prove it, lol

One of my favorite appointments this year has been with Rochelle Bilow. She called upon me to make her face "camera ready" for some shots to be used in The Post Standard for her food column. I warned her an early morning appointment in my studio means my husband, 4 yr old daughter and 2 dogs are all on the premises. She was all for it.

I have read Rochelle's work ( I love to read!) and she has such a talent for making the food experience come to life through mere words! So I was honored (&excited) to have her choose me for this occasion.
Rochelle is so bubbly and likable! It was like having an old friend come over instead of a new client.
If you have experienced her writing you can find her Wednesdays in The Post Standard. And a big congratulations is in order. She was recently named Finger Lakes Wine and Food Ambassador!
They couldn't have picked a better person!
To read more of her work follow her at

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