Friday, April 29, 2011

New Artist added to the A-List Artistry team!

After turning away countless brides for 2011 because I was already booked, I decided it was time to bring on another airbrush artist to keep my brides happy and beautiful! Now anyone who knows me knows I am picky about who I work with. I have been looking for a while and just hadn't find someone that was the total package. I wanted someone that obviously can do amazing makeup. But I needed so much more. I needed a professional. Someone that can look, act and perform as a pro.

I volunteered to be a makeup artist along with my assistant Stephanie for the Breakfast At Tiffany's fundraiser benefiting Hope for Heather. Frieda Weeks, the founder of Hope for Heather, was a colleague in the makeup counter world. She started the foundation after loosing her daughter to cancer several years ago.

I was delighted when I got to the makeup room to see an another old colleague, Jessica Puccia. We worked at rival counters for several years and always had a mutual respect for each other. After I left MAC we had lost touch. She was exactly what I was looking for!

Jessica also has a little one named Gigi! My own Gigi thinks that is hilarious. Thanks Caitlyn Bom Photography for this beautiful shot of my new two favorite girls! And welcome to the team Jessica! Adding Jessica has opened a lot of dates for 2011. Contact for availability!

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